Welcome to the Quaint and the Curious

A Vintage Store

Call: 0275770474
Email: theraven@quaintandcurious.co.nz

We specialise in the forgotten treasures:
Vintage, collectable, eclectic, industrial, antiques, handpicked items of interest.
Buying and selling.

The Quaint and the Curious is a shop like never before.
Unique and remarkable for all to adore.

Upstairs beholds a mystery.
A place to snatch a little piece of history.
Wonder the new old world of past items that be.
Vintage, antique, curiosities and treasure for thee.

Mine eyes doth taketh interest in thee, the Raven delights upon an item or three.

Please come and visit us
71 Buchan St,
Christchurch 8023

Call: 0275770474
Email: theraven@quaintandcurious.co.nz